Applying artificial intelligence and other stochastic optimization techniques

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Quiviq partners with providers to develop and deploy real-time technical solutions that efficiently utilize scarce and expensive resources, while enhancing patient and caregiver satisfaction.

Leadership Team

Michael Larson
Co-Founder and CEO

Michael is a results-oriented mathematician with a proven track record of implementing innovative solutions to complex, operational problems.


Michael led Amazon’s pricing team in building a revolutionary, real-time analytics platform that transformed the company’s price management practices in the early aughts, hastening the disruption of the retail industry in Amazon’s favor. He co-founded and led the company’s strategic planning and optimization team, establishing seminal operational efficiencies that continue to guide Amazon’s inventory and transportation processes. He began his career as a derivatives analyst and has led technology and risk management for a number of billion-dollar hedge fund portfolios.

Michael holds a Ph.D. in applied mathematics from Harvard University and an MBA from the University of Chicago. As an undergraduate at Dartmouth College, he majored in mathematics and computer science.

Away from work

Michael enjoys exploring the Pacific Northwest outdoors with his family. On powder days, he can be found making turns in Crystal Mountain's south backcountry.

Marc Diamond
Co-Founder and CTO

With more than 30 years of experience creating predictive-decision systems across a variety of industries, Marc sees himself as operating “where the rubber meets the road,” fully guiding the development process from algorithm design to implementation.


Working for the U.S. Navy, Marc was instrumental in the creation of innovative, large-scale scheduling systems addressing a variety of complex operational problems. While at Northwest Airlines, he developed revenue management and scheduling algorithms that produced critical operational efficiencies as the airline industry adapted to dramatic changes in the regulatory environment. Most recently, as a Microsoft researcher, he developed and implemented algorithms to optimize revenue from advertising sales.

Marc holds a Ph.D. in computer, information, and control engineering and a bachelor’s degree in mathematics, both from the University of Michigan.

Away from work

Marc is an avid cyclist and social dancer. He owns and maintains a large property in rural King County, which keeps him very busy.